A New Car Brand Has Arrived And Its Called Lynk & Co


China is a communist country that has adopted capitalism but has never relinquished its autocratic one party ruling doctrine. That’s how China roles these days. Back in the early days of communism proper China, at times, could barley feed its own population the ”peoples party” had to rely on Russia for financial aid. These days China is a rapidly growing  economy and will overtake the USA as the most powerful economy in the world. 

China has a lot of capital to play with and their banking system (which is entirely state owned) lends money to governments all over the world, including to the US government.


This type of leverage is the new weapon of choice indeed China has so much money and combined with low wages that it is able to create new start up car companies seemingly at the click of the fingers.

One such new car company is Lynk & CO, its a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group who happen to own Volvo.

Granted that Lynk & Co isn’t the most attractive name given to a car company it is nevertheless a new car company with new car company ambitions.


Lynk & Co appears to be aimed at China only and in the month of April will reveal the equally uninspired sounding 01, a mid-sized SUV.

Last week Lynk & Co revealed a concept saloon complete with concept scissor doors, it looked striking but it is a publicity stunt aimed at providing an insight into the brands styling philosophy.

And now we have the Lynk & Co 03, a mid-sized saloon concept, but to our eyes this concept looks suspiciously production ready.


Little is known about the Lynk & Co 03 in terms of price and specification, it safe to assume that the 03 will use Volvo mechanical parts and engines clothed in Link & Co branded styling.

Lynk & Co’s claim to fame is that its cars will ‘‘offer the most connected cars in the world, with the world’s first in-car digital share function”.

Lynk & Co’s design division and overall styling vision is headed by British born automotive stylist Peter Horbury.


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