Reviewer Overwhelmed By The Bugatti Chiron Finds It Difficult To Say How Good It Is

Motoring journalists are poorly paid, we have experience of that. Get to the top of our game and you may well be able to afford two daily meals and forgo the begging and trawling through dustbins. We here at DCB Towers are content with the begging and  the daily dustbin rummaging. Jethro from Drivetribe, Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour spin off website, gets the chance to dance with the Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron has numbers that are overwhelming enough to read, it costs £2.5 million GBP and the W12 quadturbo engine develops 1,497bhp. The top speed is rated at 300mph so say Bugatti.

Bugatti’s aim was to make the Chiron not only the Veyron’s sucessor but to simply make it better than the Veyron in every way.

Its so good that the usually affable and articulate Jethro finds it difficult to muster an adequate description of the Chiron’s performance apart from laughing like a giddy school kid.

That, folks, is motoring journalism.


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