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This 812 Superfast Is The Most Powerful Ferrari Ever Made, It’s Also The Ugliest


They say that style is never out of fashion, they also say that the Disneyfication of the Star Wars franchise will develop into a musical. One day in a galaxy far, far away. Whatever the truth behind style being never out of fashion or a dreadful Star Wars musical there is one constant truth we can be sure of. And that truth is that Ferrari always produce stunning masterpieces, to drive and to look at.

Actually the latter is a bit of a myth, of the last 25 years or so the only truly stunning Ferrari ever made was the 458 Italia. The 458 Italia embodied everything we expected of Ferrari. Styling flair and ethereal supercar performance.


This potent combination is almost mystical, driving and owning a Ferrari is a magical experience no other car can replicate. Driving a Ferrari is a clear vision, a 3-dimensional thought experiment laid out by the laws of physics, pushing the boundaries of what is presumed to be normal.


In the end what you experience is more than just holding a steering wheel with a prancing horse badge staring back at you, what you experience is a moment forever fixed in the date stamp of time. Unyielding, unnerving yet exhilarating in the same moment.

However the 812 is god damn ugly, they got the rear end styling all wrong it looks odd and not in keeping with the rest of the exterior design. But this is no ordinary Ferrari, it’s the most powerful V12 powered Ferrari ever, 789bhp to be precise.


The Ferrari 812 Superfast may well be the last of the naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari’s ever made, tough new emissions regulations will eventually make sure of that. Therefore This car will become a collectors item bought by overfed Americans.

However it won’t become a collectors item for its styling, you can flame surface all you like Ferrari but give me the F12 all day not this hunchback from Modena.

And that’s why YOU Ferrari 812 Hunchback are the worst car of the week because you could have had class, you could have been a contender, you could have been someone instead of a styling bum.


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