VW Executive Arrested & Detained In The US As Dieselgate Investigations Continue


Oliver Schmidt thought he was going back home to Germany after spending his vacation in the USA. Officials at the US Department of Justice had other ideas and allowed Schmidt to extend his stay at the bequest of the US government.

Schmidt was arrested Thursday at Miami’s International Airport as he made his way to catch a flight back home to Germany. He was one of six VW executives to be charged over the fallout of VW’s emissions cheating.

The five other executives seemed to be playing a smarter game than Schmidt as they decided to spend the winter break in Germany.

Appearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge William Turnoff, Schmidt was ruled to be a potential flight risk and was duly held without bail which underlines the seriousness of the case still being pursed against VW in the US.

To underline just how serious VW’s cheating was the Justice Department said Schmidt is charged with eleven felony charges and could face 169 years in prison.

It may well be the case that Schmidt will be offered a plea bargain and have his conviction reduced should he co-operate.

VW recently agreed to plea guilty to charges of deception and criminal fraud and pay $4.3 billions in civil compensation and criminal fines.


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