Miserly McLaren Teases Rear Wing For The 650S Replacement


This image of a rear wing assembly is all McLaren will show of the all new successor to the 650S, some people will call it clever marketing and of course McLaren want to hog the auto news headlines for as long a possible until it’s revealed at the Geneva Motorshow in March.

And who can blame McLaren Automotive for doing so, the image follows on from the reveal of the carbon-fibre Monocage II.

The Monocage II exhibits lower sills and wider door apertures and should also underpin the replacement for the McLaren P1 when that is eventually replaced.

The 650S, which sits under the Super Series brand, is going to be twice as aero-efficient as the 650s. Usually cars developed around an aerodynamic philosophy end up looking boring.

However McLaren promise that the 2nd generation Super Series will be “visually beautiful”. Their words not ours.

The second generation Super Series will feature a full rear width active wing which is designed to  move upwards and increases in angle to optimise aerodynamic efficiency.

This active rear wing also deploys to its most extreme angle as an airbrake in less than half a second, optimising balance when braking from speed.

The new dihedral door design of the second-generation feature two separate air ducts that are integrated within the door structure.

One air duct forces air from the top of the door down into the High Temperature Radiators that cool the engine,

The other draws air out of the front wheel arch to create increased downforce. This further enhances the diffuser technology first seen in the McLaren P1.

Full details of the second-generation Super Series will be confirmed in March, when further images and pricing will also be available.


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