YouTuber MKBHD Suffering From Tesla Quality Control Blues

YouTube tech and gadget star, MKBHD, is going places, with a successful YouTube channel focusing on quality tech videos he has raked in enough money to, you know, buy a brand new Tesla Model S P100D.

Now we were the first to predict that Tesla would suffer from quality issues not because they are new as MKBHD seems to suggest.

Tesla’s woeful quality  control is due to demand exceeding supply and when that occurs quality will slip, it happens with much bigger companies like Toyota.

So Tesla’s quality control is under pressure due to customer demand and as a result consumers are reporting back issues such as miss-aligned doors and steering power loss.

If Tesla had slowly ramped up production over a number of years instead of trying to meet 5 year production targets in the first 18 months it would have been a different story.

Tesla’s lack of quality oversight is really all down to Tesla chasing it’s tail with a dollar sign on on it. In the motor industry reputation is hard won.

Look at Alfa Romeo, not many people feel the urge to buy one because of the horrendous quality issues the brand suffered from over the last 30 years.

We told you this would happen, we told you Tesla would suffer from production quality issues if they got greedy and they got greedy and are paying for it, quite literally paying.


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