What Is The Worst Car Ever Made? We Can Think of Two


Most cars have to be driven for upwards of 100,000 miles before they can be described as “junk.” But there are some special, and rather hilarious cars, that are ready for the scrapheap the moment they leave the factory. Two of the best examples of this are the Austin Allegro and the G-Wiz, described by Auto Express as being the worst cars ever made. But which is worse?

Let’s start with the G-Wiz. This was an Indian-built car that isn’t actually a car but rather a “quadricycle” owing to its tiny engine and unconventional wheelbase. This meant that people who had passed their motorcycle test could, in theory, drive the car on the road. The G-Wiz is an electric vehicle, but it’s not exactly a Tesla.


The car was made between 2001 and 2012 in a factory in Bangalore, but there were enormous quality control issues. Chief among them was the fact that the lines on almost every finished vehicle were crooked and the mismatching paint jobs on individual cars meant that no two ever looked the same. What’s more, the doors on the G-Wiz often weren’t fitted correctly, meaning that some people had to live with gaps between the door and the rest of the car, which let the rain in.

REVA, the company behind the G-Wiz, claimed that the car would seat an entire family: two adults up front and two kids in the rear. But this turned out to be a lie, not because of the limited space (which was very limiting), but because of the pathetically weak electric motor which was only capable of putting out 13 kW of power. (To put that into perspective, that’s about what the average starter motor puts out today). Now owners are selling their junk cars for cash, hoping to get some money back on their ill-fated investment.

But what about the Austin Allegro? The Allegro was primarily the result of malaise in the British car industry back in the 1970s. Following a merger between Leyland Motors and British Motor Holdings, the new entity that emerged realized it didn’t have a car to replace the old Austin 1100. As a result, the car was rushed into production. What came out of the other side was nothing other than hideous. The car had big, bulbous lights at the front end, as well as an ugly steering wheel – a necessity to allow the driver to see the lights in the dashboard.


What was worse, the car wasn’t very spacious, meaning its practical appeal was limited. Updates to the car tried to solve the problem, but it had already gained a negative reputation. It was more expensive than its rivals, and it had a habit of makings its owners miserable with endless problems and repairs. Compared to the Austin 1100 that came before it, the car didn’t sell well. During the nine years it was in production, it sold 650,000 units. That might sound like a lot, but the 1100 sold more than 2.1 million.

Arguably the G-Wiz is the worse car of the two, precisely because of its inability to drive families uphill without somebody having to get out to push. But it’s a close call.


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