Scientists Discover BMW Owners Have Symptoms Similar To Heroin Addicts

We all know that BMW drivers are mad there is something about this German automotive brand that attracts a certain insane individual and we’re not talking Germany during the 1930’s or the Wiemar Republic. So what is it about BMW owners/drivers that makes them so idiotic?

We here at DCB believe most BMW drivers are suffering psychotic episodes whenever they get behind the wheel.

Research conducted on BMW drivers has shown that they have the exact same symptoms as Heroin addicts.

These symptoms, say Cambridge University researchers, manifest and swirl into an uncontrollable rage-blindness.

Rage-blindness is when a BMW driver performs a stupid driving manoeuvre in the believe that they are indestructible while ignoring the well being of anyone in their vicinity.

Rage-blindness one the key characteristics to identify an imminent moment of BMW mad bad driving. Beware.


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