I’m Back, Henrik Fisker Launches New EV Venture


Like the Terminator refusing to be killed off Henrik Fisker is back, Fikser Inc will reveal a product preview of a premium electric car, a spiritual successor to his Fisker Karma that launched in 2012. The story of Fisker Automotive is fraught, it received huge financial backing and US federal government loans yet it filed for Chapter 11 in early 2014.

Fisker Automotive’s assets were acquired  by Wanxiang Group, a multi-billion dollar Chinese conglomerate who are also planning to launch their own premium EV. Fisker Inc is Henrik Fisker’s latest venture.

In addition Fisker Nanotech is a sub-division, but a separate entity which is based in California, with Fisker himself acting as CEO and Chairman of his new venture.

You may be forgiven for thinking Henrik Fisker is business man who refuses to look back, but the Danish national started out life as a highly regarded automotive stylist working for BMW and Aston Martin.

Fisker is famed for styling the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and DB9 and despite the failure of Fisker Automotive, will Fisker Inc bear the same fate… eventually?

Fisker Inc will not be launching a new car for limited or even mass production why? because it isn’t clear if the company has any production capacity at all. Indeed details are thin on the ground.

So expect this Fisker Inc model, to be luanched in 2017, to be a showcase in the hope of attracting investment to turn the pre-production model into a production reality. Possibly.

The goals are no less than ambitious, a lightweight architecture with new battery technology that has not been seen, tried or tested before.

The proposed new battery technology will have some Lithium Ion elements and has been developed by UCLA based professors. Fisker Inc will be carrying out the tests.

Fisker Inc claim that the proposed model using this in-house developed battery technology will have a range of more than 400 miles and a battery life that will last the lifetime of the car.

Henrik Fisker said of the new model’s styling “It will be sporty and spacious. And you’ve got to make something look beautiful, there is no excuse for making an ugly car, even with new technology, so it will definitely have some of my signature elements.”

Fisker Inc’s real aim is to develop the battery technology, the production and then to sell it onto automotive manufactures.

Will Fisker Inc and Fisker Nanotech’s ambitions come to fruition? Let’s wait and see, this story is sure to have an ending.


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