This Is Not The Worlds Greatest Drag Race

If you live in America everything is always billed as the ‘the world’s greatest’ from deep fried apple strudels laced with a cheese sauce topping, to the worlds’greatest strawberry’s laced with a cheese sauce topping and a cheese sauce topping laced with a double cream sauce topping finished off with a cheese sauce topping.

Everything in America is done in the ‘world’s greatest’ way and that’s exactly the metaphor our friends over at Motortrend rely upon to discover which current supercar is ‘the worlds greatest’ at drag racing.

The roll call of machinery is stupendous, and two of Motortrend regular testers, one of whom appears to enjoy eating a lot of food (we’re not fat shaming) and sporting an ISIS inspired beard, get behind a multi-million dollar line up of automotive tuxedo’s.

Most of the cars require no introduction but interestingly there is not a Ferrari in sight, bearing that in mind this video should not be billed as the world’s greatest drag race.

What this is is a couple of motoring journalists living the dream at someone else’s expense… Nice job if you can get it.


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