This Is The Frightening Future of Semi-Autonomous Driving Today

Autonomous driving is the future, for car manufactures it represents a multi-billion dollar goldmine. Autonomous technology is truly cutting edge, it is the future today. However technology is designed and developed by humans and therefore defined by humanity.

That is to say humans build machines to function better than humans, to take the err out of being human.

The scientists and software engineers who create these groundbreaking technologies always forget to factor in one snippet of information into the equation. Human laziness.

In the future machines will build machines. Science-fiction says one day humans will end up being enslaved by the very machines they designed to take drudgery out of being human.

For now in the early part of the 21st century Tesla owners are giving an insight into relying too much on new technology and how it might be adopted by lazy and irresponsible owners.

The semi-autonomous algorithms didn’t take into account the YouTube and selfie generation nor did it take into account stupidity.

To be fair to Tesla the company does say to owners… don’t drive stupidly when in semi-autonomous mode. Looks like no one is listening.


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