Skateboarder Attacking A McLaren Was Actually A Publicity Stunt

There are three rules in life, don’t believe everything you read in the Sun or the DailyMail, don’t buy the Sun or the DailyMail and don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Remember that skateborder attacking the McLaren and damaging the windscreen? It was faked.

Apparently it was a publicity stunt for a supercar hire firm, Mile High Drives based in Denver. The truth was discovered when a local TV journalist decided to investigate further.

The jouro also claims that video has generated thousands of dollars in ad revenue for the supercar hire company.

With over 9 million views to the original video it could be a nice little earner For Mile High Drives, but there is one small caveat.

The YouTuber in question needs to be a YouTube channel partner before he is eligible to earn revenue and that means a having subscriber base of at least 100,000 subs to qualify.

The video of the kid smashing the 12C has only generated revenue for Google. So there is a 4th rule you need to remember, journalists need to do more research before opening their gobs.


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