Rolls Royce Phantom Bows Out Still At The Top Of Its Game

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The British luxury marque Rolls Royce, which is owned by BMW and partially built in Germany, announced in February the ending of production of the Phantom limo in order to make way for the next 8th generation. And now the axe has fallen onto the last 50 units of the Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe. In typical Rolls Royce style these remaining units will be bespoked to hell. Not a typical term used by Rolls Royce but hey this is the world of the interweb.

These last 50 units will be special editions but Rolls Royce don’t do special editions, no that terminology is far too common. Rolls Royce like to use the term ‘collection’ and the Phantom Zenith Collection is Rolls Royces’ way of saying farewell to these last 50 units.


The Phantom Zenith Collection is already sold out before any car has been completed. Here’s why. Each unit will be tailor made to it’s customers specification. They even get a special bespoke version of the Rolls-Royce Picnic Hamper. Or as Yogi Bear once said “pic-a-nic basket”.

The Phantom Zenith Collection really concentrates on the interior, the leather is that much finer, the metal work is brushed and finished that much better, in fact everything is better… and the cost is naturally higher.


The interior details include the speedometer which is finished in brushed steel – serving to draw the eye towards a key signifier of the car’s “unique, effortless power delivery” so say Rolls Royce.

The Starlight Headliner, features individually hand-woven stars clustered to the front and faded to the rear and aims to bath the driver and front passenger in a “warm and inviting” celestial glow.

Owners will each get a removable polished aluminium case, laser engraved with their motor car’s unique identification number surrounded with a application of Best English Blacking – a technique most commonly associated with fine gun-making.


The split-tailgate has been enhanced with the addition of a “that much better” engineered companion just in case you don’t want to stop and order a KFC.

A glass shelf, housed within the rear section of the tailgate can be effortlessly deployed serving as the perfect place from which to serve Champagne. Yes Rolls Royce owners know how to slum it.

So how much does this attention to bespoke detail cost? As they say if you ask about the price you probably can’t afford it.


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