How Much Does It Cost To Replace A La Ferrari Front Bumper?


Now we’re not a extra-terrestrial sales platform for a long forgotten race of aliens that crashed landed onto the Earth 1m years ago. DCB Towers really isn’t that advanced after all our three daily regular readers will attest to that.

But this news item caught our attention. Crashed supercar’s are nothing new unfortunately the super rich, super-idiots who drive these cars have no real affection for these machines.

For the owners it’s about having the latest toy and showing off the wealth. Wealth is success and success breeds hangers on.

So what happens when the typical Supercar owner crashes their La Ferrari. How do you source spare parts for a $1m USD limited edition hypercar?


This La Ferrari was crashed last year in Budapest. The owner wrecked the front end of the car causing many, many thousands of Dollars worth of damage.

It seems someone acquired the bumper amidst the mayhem and has now put up the damaged part up for sale for a cool $4,500 USD.

We reckon even at the price and condition it still represents a bargain, the La Ferrari costs around £1m GBP, so you can work out how much that carbon-composite bumper will cost new if Ferrari has a spare parts department.

We actually don’t know how much, but we reckon maybe £15,000 GBP.



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