Bentley 4-Door Coupe Styled By Theophilus Chin


Photoshop legend, Theophilus Chin, has used his skills to imagine the Bentley EXP 10 Speed Concept as a four door coupe. Bentley are said to be considering making a small four door Coupe to rival the Porsche Panamera and BMW Gran Coupe and this is what it could like according to Theophilus.

But it won’t happen for real, the EXP 10 Speed Concept will not be made, ever. These concepts are designed to create publicity and only small elements of the concept design will be used, the headlight cluster for example will feature on the all new Bentley Continental which is due in 2017.

Bentley already offer a ‘small’ four door car, but it isn’t a coupe, its the Flying Spur saloon and that has plenty of style to take on the Panamera but maybe not in terms of performance.


Meanwhile Bentley have quietly given the Continental GT a styling refresh for 2015 before that completely new model replaces what is now a 12 year old platform. The Continental sits on the VW Phaeton chassis, its an irony that the ultra-luxury Bentley Continental became a sales success in a way the Phaeton could never match.

The styling updates are subtly dramatic, the front grille is smaller but slightly more pronounced and the wings have been ‘re-sculpted’. The rear bumper is wider and the boot lid also receives a more chiseled look.

The normally aspirated 6.0-litre W12 has been given a power boost up from 567bhp to 582bhp and the W-12 twin-turbo now includes cylinder on demand technology that effectively shuts down 6 cylinders when peak power is not required. This is designed to improve efficiency.


The 4.0-litre V8 Twin-turbo remains unchanged, its still 500bhp, however the V8 S has a new rear diffuser design and 20-inch alloys come as standard. The interior also gets a mild update but again its subtle, bigger gearshift paddles, new graphics for the instrument panels.

If you want to personalise your Bentley you no longer have to go to a back street garage run by someone called Gary who has tattoos, permanently wears a tank top and has multiple ear piercings . Bentley offer their own personalisation service called the Mulliner program.


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