Twins: Jaguar XF vs Vauxhall Insignia


We here at DCB Towers always see the worst and the best of times. And we also see similarities in vehicle design that others may have missed such as the eerily similar looking Vauxhall Insignia and Jaguar XF.

The cars in question share broadly similar sloping rear roof profiles and an English version of the Hoffmeister kink. The Jaguar’s rear door kink should be referred to as the Callum Kink, the XF, as you may well know, was designed by British car designer, Sir Ian Callum.

Callum has yet to be knighted for his design genius so we have unofficially knighted him, but why would a Scotsman want a Kinghthood, the British can make a Union but they can never take the Scots FREEEEEDOOOMMMM!

Actually it was a Scottish King that created the Union.

Back to the subject, Callum’s design influence within the automotive industry world is second to none. He started out at Ford in 1979 and has been influencing Jaguars current present and future since 1999.

We have no idea which individual was responsible for designing the Vauxhall Insignia we can presume it was designed by a nameless drone, a part human part corporate player tasked with designing a car by committee probably somewhere in the bowels of the General Motors mother ship known as Sector 7G.

The Jaguar XF began its production life in 2007, curiously the Insignia began its production run 1 year later and shares similar design cues to Callums classic XF lines, give or take a few brand identifiers, i.e. the grill, lights and badge.


The basic shape between two differing approaches and philosophies is pretty much similar from the side profile to the rear 3rd quarter view. If we haven’t already said so. Which we have.


We can look upon the XF and Insignia in the same way we look upon the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy range of phones. Those two companies would most likely argue that one was released before the other. But the phone, as we know it, was released before either.



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