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He had the race in the bag, the McLaren superstar Lando Norris had the 2021 Russian Grand Prix in the bag. They dominated much of the 53 lap race, but with five laps to go Norris and McLaren gave an almost certain victory away. He secured his maiden pole position in qualifying but race day […]

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by , 23rd Sep 21 8:42 pm

Life has been tough this past couple of years due to the Covid 19 pandemic but things are slowly starting to look up. Before the pandemic, people liked a little spot of retail therapy to make themselves feel better… Now that the shops are open once again, we can take a trip out and come […]

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by , 23rd Sep 21 8:19 pm

Being a car owner is exciting. It means you have your own ride to be free and get to places easily and conveniently. However, some cars do not live up to expectations and cause more inconvenience than they do convenience. Finding the right car for you will ensure that you maximize the purpose of the […]

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by , 22nd Sep 21 10:55 am

How to become a car owner? Car ownership is a big responsibility. Hence, you may want to start by learning about driving experience and budget before weighing the pros and cons of your preferred vehicle. Then, once you’ve done all of that research, it may be time to do some comparison shopping at different dealerships. […]

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by , 22nd Sep 21 10:37 am

It seems Mercedes’ carefully choreographed, orchestrated, diligent makeover from Dieselgate to electric car cheerleading hasn’t fooled everyone. While it is easy to applaud Mercedes for tackling climate change by switching to electric powertrains you have to remember why they are making the great switch. They were mandated by governments to end the production of ICE […]

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