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by , 10th Jun 21 1:53 pm

That stupid grille… that stupid, stupid BMW grille. When we first gazed our collective eyes upon it, it looked stupid. And when we studied it in-depth the stupidity of the aesthetics looked stupider still. And then, all of a sudden… POW! it’s looking good. That stupid BMW grille suits the overall design language of the […]

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by , 10th Jun 21 9:42 am

Why didn’t we (DCB HQ) start a YouTube channel I hear you say? Well, no one hears what we say except our audience, the dog and next-door neighbors cat. The cat especially sits outside staring at us through the window, disappointed why we never did YouTubing and instead opted for blogging. Not one of us […]

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by , 10th Jun 21 9:16 am

No, this all-new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 isn’t built by giants for giants and as far as click-bait headlines go… we failed. The Land Cruiser brand is now entering its 70th year. And to celebrate this milestone Toyota has released the Land Cruiser 300. The celebrations are somewhat limited because this beast of an SUV […]

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by , 10th Jun 21 8:21 am

The moments after a car crash can be confusing, frightening and frustrating, especially when you are not at fault. Your health should be your first priority, and getting your car repaired comes later. Serious car damage can affect your family schedule, commute, and overall mobility, and you want to address the repair process as efficiently […]

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by , 9th Jun 21 2:45 pm

Carwow’s Mat Watson has fulfilled his oath by driving his dream Ferrari, the 308 GTS. And he also happens to be in the presence of his second dream Ferrari, the 1980’s Testarossa. When he mentioned Magnum P.I and Miami Vice, being aging Millennials we had not a clue what he was on about. A quick […]

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