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How to become a car owner? Car ownership is a big responsibility. Hence, you may want to start by learning about driving experience and budget before weighing the pros and cons of your preferred vehicle. Then, once you’ve done all of that research, it may be time to do some comparison shopping at different dealerships. […]

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It seems Mercedes’ carefully choreographed, orchestrated, diligent makeover from Dieselgate to electric car cheerleading hasn’t fooled everyone. While it is easy to applaud Mercedes for tackling climate change by switching to electric powertrains you have to remember why they are making the great switch. They were mandated by governments to end the production of ICE […]

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by , 20th Sep 21 2:50 pm

Wheeler Dealers may have changed presenters but Edd China hasn’t. And that’s perfectly fine with us. His YouTube channel chronicles the highs and lows of car repairs. Edd is a thorough and logical mechanic, he makes everything look easy. This week Edd takes a look at a mate’s 1966 Ford Mustang that has developed an […]

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by , 20th Sep 21 11:14 am

You may have heard of the semiconductor shortage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The global stay-at-home mandate, to stop the spread of C-19, allowed people to buy tech products, to enable them to work from home. Manufacturers of laptops PCs tablets, appliances, etc experienced a boom in sales. Modern tech products are basically run by […]

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by , 20th Sep 21 10:15 am

Now it sounds as though the Daily Car Blog has become a car dealership by headline quoting the cost of the all-electric Mercedes EQS. The fact is motoring journalism is 90 percent dealership focused, 5 percent begging, 4 percent spell and grammar checking, and 1 percent is actually spent on doing motoring journalism. Motoring journalism […]

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