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Cars aren’t like dogs. You don’t hold up a treat and get them to snaffle it out of your hands. Still, admit it – the idea of doing tricks in your motor is pretty exciting, isn’t it?! After all, not everyone has the money to afford a top of the range Tesla that comes with […]

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Proton is still alive and kicking, it’s part-owned by the Malaysian state and part-owned by Geely, yes that Geely who also owns Volvo and Lotus. You can not buy a Proton in the UK, once upon a time you could but not many people did so Proton vacated the UK market years ago. Proton sales […]

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This is the all new Mercedes EQA, the pure electric variant of the GLA. And when Mercedes revealed the price I spat my morning socially distanced coffee out in disgust. I always happen to be drinking coffee when reacting badly to the news. Nevertheless, the Mercedes EQA will cost €47,000, $50,000 in the North American […]

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With a slow news month, the motoring press seemed to have nothing to cover, no story to tell. And then suddenly like a meteorite appearing out of nowhere, followed by a sonic boom, the Skoda Fabia was making all the headlines. The all-new MK4 Fabia is soon to be revealed in the coming months. A […]

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by , 19th Jan 21 1:11 pm

To begin with, it is a laboratory reality, however, the milestone to produce electric cars capable of fully recharging in five minutes has moved a step closer. StoreDot is an Israeli based company at the forefront of electric battery technology and has demonstrated an “extremely fast-charging” battery to clients and potential new investors. StoreDot’s current […]

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