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by , 11th Aug 20 3:58 pm

In January of this year, Bristol Cars, an institution of the British motoring industry entered Liquidation with Jeremy Frost and Patrick Wadsted of Frost Group Ltd appointed as Joint Liquidators. Since then the Liquidators having been investigating the extent of the assets of the various companies and indeed their liabilities in order to formulate a […]

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by , 11th Aug 20 3:03 pm

Dear Tobias Moers, my dear German friend, this is Jeremiah Clarkson and I would like to give you a few words of advice on how to succeed at Aston Martin. It’s rather simple dear boy, be more British. I am not a xenophobe, I have many British friends who can vouch for my narrow-minded views. […]

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by , 11th Aug 20 11:36 am

Over a month ago we said Ferrari will almost certainly sack Sebastian Vettel at some point during the 2020 season. Such an option seems more and more likely after Vettel openly criticized his team over the radio during the British Grand Prix. The Defcon moment came when Vettel pulled no punches as he exclaimed: “you’ve […]

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by , 11th Aug 20 10:00 am

With the Jimny banished from Europe over the failure to meet European emissions regulations, the Suzuki Ignis is the closest blood relative Suzuki has to offer. While the Ignis can not match the the Jimny’s verve, it does what the Jimny should have done from the start. It meets those European emissions standards. The Ignis […]

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by , 10th Aug 20 8:44 pm

Carwow, ergo Mat Matson Reviews the all-new, retail-ready, Aston Martin DBX with an exclusive first drive. And that’s all we have to say. Often we use Carwow as a comedic prop to target a self-important and pompous PR professional… no, no, no NO!. We’re doing it again. We here at DCB are trying to turn […]

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