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by , 12th May 21 3:17 pm

What have we been doing all this time working on a Car Blog when we could have made real money doing a YouTube car channel. We could have been The Stradman, we could have had class, we could have been contenders, we could have been somebody, instead of bums, which is what we have become, […]

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by , 12th May 21 2:13 pm

Aston Martin’s new-boy CEO Tobias Moers is nine months into his new job after leaving Mercedes AMG to join the troubled British brand. One could make the argument that he was handpicked and parachuted in by Mercedes who have a vested interest in the luxury sports car company. So what has he been doing all […]

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by , 12th May 21 11:31 am

So, you’re thinking of trading in your used car. Great! Getting a new car in this day and age is easier than ever, but you still need some tips and tricks to get the most out of the process. If you need some simple but reliable advice for trading in a car, this is the […]

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by , 11th May 21 4:40 pm

Master Yoda, a retired Force Ghost turned F1 pundit for the Daily Car Blog, is deeply concerned about F1 Rookie Yuki Tsunoda. During a decorated and celebrated career of the Jedi order, Master Yoda has developed a sixth sense when it comes to spotting Sith Lords. Although he failed to spot the most powerful Sith […]

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by , 11th May 21 3:41 pm

Rather unexpectedly we think the Hyundai Ioniq 5 pure electric hatch is the most un-Hyundai thing Hyundai will ever do. The styling is spot on and that is a great selling point. Although the pricing is rather high, as the headlines reveal £36k too high. That kind of price point puts you into premium territory. […]

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