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by , 15th Sep 21 3:08 pm

Now… we have had our disagreements with Sir Jackie Stewart. Not that he reads this publication, so he won’t know that we have had disagreements with some of his public utterances. But when he talks we always listen because during his time in Formula One he became the greatest F1 champion of them all in […]

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by , 15th Sep 21 2:26 pm

Hennessey doesn’t do normal, it does beer and dudes around a campfire biting the heads off rattlesnakes and drinking the residual snake venom. That’s how one imagines the Hennessey engineering team seeks inspiration. They weaponize everything that is normal and turn it into a mechanical force 10 hurricane. And that is exactly what they have […]

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by , 15th Sep 21 2:04 pm

Actually, Malaysia has not banned the practice of converting ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars into EVs, because there is no official ban. However, undertaking such a task is simply not allowed according to current laws as set out in the country’s Road Traffic Act 1987. However there is a loophole, according to, authorization to […]

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by , 15th Sep 21 10:09 am

American Trucks (AT) host, Justin Dugan heads up the latest episode of AT’s “The Haul” YouTube series. The new video shows 2021 F150 owners where to begin when modifying their rig. Justin’s top 5 list includes functional mods, appearance upgrades, and parts that combine a little bit of both. The video arms 2021 F150 owners […]

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by , 15th Sep 21 9:53 am

Production of the Rivian R1T electric pickup has finally begun. The startup maker of electric SUVs and pickups, backed by the likes of Ford and Amazon, was recently valued at $10BN despite selling no vehicles. The R1T debuted in 2018 and was due to be production-ready by 2020, a very ambitious timetable for any automotive […]

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