by , 15th Aug 19 11:56 am

YouTuber Samcrac, a name that sounds suspiciously narcotic, is down in South Florida heading on over to a supercar graveyard. Rather the location is a salvage auction, where totaled “dead” cars go to live on for another day. These salvage cars are often bought for parts or given a second chance by a budding repair […]

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by , 10th Jun 19 5:15 pm

It’s a strange YouTube channel this one, Honest John. It was fronted by a creepy old guy in a pork pie paedo hat who made sci-fi horror movies look like comedies in comparison to the atomic bomb reviews he used to upload. But times change and change… changes and Honest John YouTube has moved… sideways. […]

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by , 16th Jan 19 12:23 pm

YouTube is the new TV. You know what, I own a Sony Ultra HD, 4K HDR TV. The problem is that digital TV stations do not offer 4K content, many digital TV stations are offered in below HD quality, below 720p. That’s why I am now watching more and more content on YouTube via my smart […]

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by , 26th Nov 18 4:13 pm

Carbuyer YouTube video review man, aka Mat Watson, doesn’t like the 2019 Suzuki Jimny. With its boutique retro looks, the 2019 Suzuki Jimny is a 4-wheel drive mini SUV. The Jimny has sold over 2.5 million units since it was first introduced in 1970. That’s heritage and loyalty for you. And to stay true to its […]

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by , 20th Nov 18 12:08 pm

Initially, we were super stoked about this video. YouTuber Samcrac buys a written off 2010 salvaged Audi R8 for what we thought would be a bargain price. Maybe £35k? No. Samcrac paid around $63k for the used Audi R8 that was an insurance write off. Then that got us wondering, how much does an undamaged Audi R8, with […]

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