by , 1st Jul 20 12:00 pm

Someone at Volkswagen Marketing and communications forgot to tell the online presenting team to stay on message. The revised, bloody awful Tiguan was revealed with a somewhat mooted online fanfare. At the beginning of the presentation, the keywords often repeated was “exciting new Tiguan”. Halfway through, the messaging was lost when a Volkswagen suit casually […]

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by , 29th Jun 20 9:14 am

Thanks, Volkswagen thank you very bloody much. You could have informed us prior to receiving our bloody irritating Arteon long-termer of your intention to comprehensively update the bloody irritating Arteon. And here it is complete with an all-new estate derivative to further irritate the hell out of us. Now, VW is referring to the estate […]

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by , 19th May 20 10:21 am

There will be a lot of suddenly unemployed and or furloughed people rightly angry with Volkswagen at the moment. The German giant of efficiency and downright lies and coverups (dieselgate) has royally fucked up, yet again. Volkswagen has stopped all deliveries of the Mk8 Golf that was given such a rapturous overture by the world’s […]

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by , 17th May 20 8:57 pm

Nearly three months of social distancing and shutdowns across the globe have inevitably led to dire consequences both personal and economic. The car industry is reliant on rampant consumerism to sustain a ceaseless business model. Sudden and mass unemployment has shocked the heart of every financial system. And as a result, the entire car industry […]

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by , 30th Mar 20 6:54 pm

Ahhh the bloody Awful VW Tiguan. There isn’t fundamentally anything wrong with the bloody awful VW Tiguan. So why do I think it’s bloody awful? The compact-crossover size SUV is well built. Indeed I dare say VW build quality traverses into premium brand territory. The engines are relatively refined, both diesel and petrol. Entry-level models […]

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