by , 10th Jan 20 8:52 pm

Uber has become a great way to get around with a door to door taxi service that is entirely operated by a mobile app. Since its launch in 2009, Uber has taken over the way we get from place to place. In 2018, 95 million people used the Uber app on a monthly basis, and […]

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by , 28th Dec 19 8:17 pm

Uber has plenty of advantages. It is cheap, easy to use and they operate in most major, and even minor, cities so you don’t have to switch service if you travel frequently. A car service was the Uber back in its day for executives and politicians that traveled a lot and needed to have transportation […]

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by , 20th Mar 18 10:38 am

The Uber vehicle was carrying out field testing of its autonomous driving technology when the vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian crossing a street, Sunday night, in Tempe, Arizona, USA. The car was reportedly traveling at 40mph, local police say the modified XC90 did not slow down when it hit Elaine Herzberg who was walking with her […]

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by , 23rd Dec 16 11:41 am

Not too long ago, self-driving cars were only wishful thinking that was supported by science fiction movies, but the future is now and having a car driving for you isn’t imagination anymore. Car manufacturers with Google as their leader have been making significant progress in this area, some major breakthroughs have already happened and most […]

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by , 20th Dec 16 11:31 am

Using the Streets of San Francisco as a proving ground Volvo and Uber have teamed up to bring the future of autonomous driving to the present day. Don’t raise your eyes in surprise (and you know that rhymes) because this is the first baby step into a bigger world. But you might have to wait […]

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