by , 13th May 19 4:26 pm

Most of us know that when the tread depth on our tyres is less than the rim of a 20 pence piece (1.6 mm), it’s time for a change. However, when it comes to buying them most of us are often confused with what the complex codes really mean, resulting in us paying what can […]

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by , 7th Jan 19 8:31 pm

Video production values are a complete mystery to Scotty Kilmer, one of YouTube’s most popular car channels. Take this 1-on-1 video. Scotty’s camera skills make the entire video look as though he is appearing in a hostage video.  At least he does 1080p 60fps. However, the bitrate is so low the video looks as though […]

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by , 24th Sep 18 11:19 am

With a massive number of different tires available it can be a daunting task choosing new tires for your Honda Accord. Check out the guide below to help you select the best tire for your needs. You must consider a few key things when selecting the right tire for your car including size, quality, price […]

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by , 16th Apr 18 5:00 pm

Are you one of those habitual drivers who say a prayer before sitting in the car and think he or she is safe? While you think you are safe, clad with your seat belt tightly across your chest and lap, your tires may have other plans for you. Remember that your tires functionality is important […]

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by , 16th Apr 18 2:58 pm

It appears that rumors of the demise of The Grand Tour have come to fruition. After two seasons and many episodes, Amazon has cut ties with the Hammond. Hammond has yet to confirm his new job but our investigations (we are low rent journalists) have found Richard is now moonlighting as a Trackside Sleep Tester… while […]

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