by , 14th Oct 19 12:07 pm

Popular YouTuber / Vlogger What’s Inside YouTube man (whose real name we don’t know) he owns a Tesla Model X. It recently broke down. Well, it didn’t break down it suffered a recharge malfunction in that it was perfectly driveable but simply would not recharge. So What’s Inside man called Tesla roadside service to collect […]

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by , 11th Oct 19 12:15 pm

You know when Elon Musk first ventured into Canada aged 17 to attend University he had a couple of hundred dollars to his name. He was a millionaire by 1999, during the early dot com boom he set up an online bank which later became known as PayPal. Boom… many more millions in the bank. […]

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by , 8th Oct 19 1:29 pm

Tesla YouTuber, Bjorn Nyland, has slammed the worldwide profession of Motoring Journalists saying they are “clueless” on the subject of electric vehicles. Nyland busts a few myths when it comes to the differences between charging an electric vehicle compared to refueling a gas-powered car. The issue we have with electric cars is the time it […]

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by , 28th Aug 19 3:50 pm

The electric vehicle industry is growing fast. Considering only 3,500 electric vehicles were registered in the entire year of 2013, the industry has witnessed significant growth over the past few years – with the popularity growth attributed to the developments in the industry that are slowly but surely overcoming the initial setbacks of electric vehicles. […]

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by , 22nd Aug 19 3:17 pm

The Tesla conspiracy theory is just that… a theory. However, there are individuals who have formed an opinion there is a conspiracy against Tesla. The conspiracy stems from conventional automotive corporations and oil giants who want to slow down the rise of the electric vehicle. Why do such car manufacturers and oil companies want to […]

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