by , 14th May 19 11:09 am

Deluded British automotive brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, are loss-making money pits for owner Tata Motors. The company markets it’s premium luxury status by paying celebrities to look good and pontificate from scripted statements. But Jaguar Land Rover is losing money, the company posted an annual loss of $4bn for 2018. And the only positive […]

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by , 17th Dec 18 11:58 am

Jaguar Land Rover will cut a further 5,000 jobs. The British manufacturer of luxury cars is citing a number of reasons. Brexit, which hasn’t technically happened (and never will), mounting trade tensions between China and the U.S. but more specifically of all, low demand. JLR’s real plan is actually to implement cost-cutting measures. The trade tensions, […]

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by , 15th Feb 16 10:36 am

Land Rover may be in rude health but sister brand Jaguar requires constant attention when it comes to world wide sales. If Jaguar falters then not only is Land Rover stung in the tail but parent owners, Tata Motors, also have the wind taken out of their sails. It isn’t clear if Jaguar was attributable […]

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