by , 16th Jan 19 12:23 pm

YouTube is the new TV. You know what, I own a Sony Ultra HD, 4K HDR TV. The problem is that digital TV stations do not offer 4K content, many digital TV stations are offered in below HD quality, below 720p. That’s why I am now watching more and more content on YouTube via my smart […]

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by , 12th Jan 19 9:31 pm

YouTuber Salomondrin is a multi-faceted businessman with his fingers in many business pies. Mexican born, he moved the United States aged 19.  It appears he is living the American Dream. The America Dream is a set of ideals that includes the opportunity for success and prosperity.  That maxim may have been true in the first half of the 20th […]

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by , 12th Dec 18 9:25 pm

Oh for goodness sake Harris, BMW M2, sideways. We know you have superior car control but can you please drive the car properly on circuit so we can see how the car behaves. So we can see the change of direction at low to mid speed and we don’t have look through a cloud of […]

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by , 12th Dec 18 3:07 pm

OK, so the McLaren 720S is a seriously sophisticated piece of engineering, it’s a stunning car to look at as much as it is a stunningly good drive. The latter being somewhat of an understatement. But with great power comes great responsibility and just as Spiderman realised what that meant so too does McLaren. It’s the McLaren Spider. […]

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by , 28th Nov 18 2:41 pm

We like the styling ethos Porsche applies to the 911, it truly is evolutionary and that’s a good characteristic to retain. The 911 doesn’t require over-styling, it will always be a timeless design. However, our criticism is reserved to the steering. Having tested the current generation Porsche 911, I was disappointed about the switch to […]

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