by , 14th Jan 19 7:57 pm

God damn it how much money we have lost by not starting a YouTube channel is incalculable. Mind you it doesn’t mean to say we would make a success of it. None of us here have the looks, personality nor the get-up-and-go to be successful. We are, by definition, failures… and have accepted our directionless future.  Shmee150 […]

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by , 9th Jan 19 9:23 pm

Every time we watch Shmee150 we kick ourselves for not setting up a YouTube channel. We had the opportunity to do so but none of us have the looks nor do we have a perfect set of teeth to outscore Shmee150’s set of gnashers. The supercar junky has earned enough money from his YouTube channel to […]

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by , 9th Oct 18 4:41 pm

He refers to the 100 percent British Rolls Royce Cullinan as the most exquisite SUV ever made. Over-enthusiasm or just plain wrong? Mostly we think he could be onto something here. While we’re not big fans of the 100 percent British Rolls Royce Cullinan we are getting used to its biggest Achilles heel. The exterior styling. Shmee150 travels […]

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by , 8th Sep 18 8:38 pm

All round lucky git (define git, British: Meaning: a foolish or worthless person, although in this case it is meant as a term of endearment) yet again gets invites to the most exclusive car launches… in the world. And what do we here at DCB get? nothing, nada, нічога, 没有, Méiyǒu, nic, ikke noget, ei mitään,nichts, ingenting! Just over two weeks ago Shmee150, […]

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by , 20th Aug 18 11:07 am

In a world exclusive, we have fresh video evidence of Shmee150 wearing a T-Shirt during his trip highly indulgent LamBROghini feast in Tokyo during a stage of the 2018 Gumball Rally. Shmee150 often presents himself as a stiff upper lip British colonial with the tank tops and freshly pressed long sleeve Oxford casual shirts from T.M Lewin. […]

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