by , 14th Aug 19 11:11 am

Shmee150 meets Alex Choi, the most boring YouTuber on the planet. Shmee150 is on “holiday” at the moment, but it’s more like a working holiday because YouTube never sleeps. And of course, Shmee150 has to feed his channel with a constant supply of video uploads.  Shmee150 meets Alex Choi while on holiday and of course […]

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by , 5th Jul 19 10:22 am

The McLaren Senna is once again in the automotive headlines. Usually, we do not feature crash-bang-wallop YouTube videos. But this is different, this is Shmee150 and unusually the Shmee150 McLaren Senna was involved in a crash on one of the busiest road networks in the UK. The M25. The M25 motorway (freeway) is more often […]

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by , 26th Jun 19 4:01 pm

What do you get with a Shmee150 BMW M8 Competition review? Guaranteed views, BMW marketing people like, want and need views. You also get Shmee150’s credibility and authority… and a winning smile. That’s why we prefer Shmee150 to do the BMW smooching because if it was up to us we would most likely negatively critique […]

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by , 14th May 19 2:47 pm

He is a supercar YouTuber, owns of a fleet of supercars. He has driven Aston Martin’s, Bugattis, Ferraris. He has owned the odd Ferrari. He owns a McLaren Senna and now he adds the Suzuki Jimny to his collection. Has he gone mad or is he sane? Is he the Scarlett Pimpernel? No, for he […]

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by , 14th Jan 19 7:57 pm

God damn it how much money we have lost by not starting a YouTube channel is incalculable. Mind you it doesn’t mean to say we would make a success of it. None of us here have the looks, personality nor the get-up-and-go to be successful. We are, by definition, failures… and have accepted our directionless future.  Shmee150 […]

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