by , 9th Jan 19 9:23 pm

Every time we watch Shmee150 we kick ourselves for not setting up a YouTube channel. We had the opportunity to do so but none of us have the looks nor do we have a perfect set of teeth to outscore Shmee150’s set of gnashers. The supercar junky has earned enough money from his YouTube channel to […]

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by , 26th May 18 12:04 am

The legendary, 94-year-old F1 commentator, Murray Walker joins forces with Codemasters to recreate a moment of F1 history by lending his voice to a computer-generated lap of Monaco and at the same time reminiscing about Senna. The year was 1988, the venue was the Monaco Grand Prix and the top driver of the moment was Ayrton Senna […]

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Auto News The McLaren Senna

by , 11th Dec 17 12:57 pm

Even McLaren admit the new Senna is a dog ugly car built purely for performance. OK, so McLaren doesn’t openly say it’s an ugly hypercar but they do say it’s “not sanitized to suit… the road” which means the Senna is ugly. The looks are utterly superfluous for the McLaren Senna not only honours the greatest F1 […]

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