by , 12th Sep 19 12:00 pm

The 2019 Italian Grand Prix has many lingering questions hanging over the spinning head of Sebastian Vettel. The 4 times world champion was comprehensively beaten during Sunday’s race. Vettel compounded matters by spinning on lap 6 as he chased down the lead cars after extricating himself from a first-lap melee. Vettel spun at the Variante […]

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by , 19th Jul 19 12:20 pm

Where is Sebastian Vettel? Is he missing in action? Where is the four-time Formula One Champion? Has he gone AWOL? Of course, we all know where Sebastian Vettel is. He drives for Ferrari, has been at the Scuderia since 2015 and has won 13 races and secured multiple podiums. The year 2017 was Vettel’s best […]

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by , 12th Oct 18 3:34 pm

Yes, he did. It was perhaps yet another turning point for Sebastian Vettel’s 2018 F1 campaign. Maybe the final nail in the coffin for his challenge to claim a 5th drivers title. The Ferrari driver had the fastest car for much of the season, but since the Italian Grand Prix, the Scuderia’s pace has fallen. […]

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by , 28th Sep 18 10:07 am

Dear Sebastian Vettel, it is a mistake to reveal your personal weakness during the heat of an F1 campaign. When you admitted to being your own “biggest enemy” you gave Lewis Hamilton the psychological edge. Admitting to such a thing makes for good editorial copy and many F1 outlets picked up the quote and ran with […]

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by , 30th Aug 18 4:11 pm

Sebastian Vettel, along with Scuderia Ferrari, made an appearance at the 2018 F1 Milan Festival, Italy. Vettel’s appearance was part of Ferrari’s public engagement with Italian fans. It’s a chance for the fans to see and experience an F1 car up close and personal. Such public events are held in controlled environments and usually driven at […]

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