by , 20th Sep 19 2:21 pm

A sporting career is shortlived, shorter for some than it is for others. In Formula One, it can be even shorter for the spotlight shines intensely if you perform and gets even hotter if you don’t. The latter applies to Nico Hulkenburg, but he hasn’t done anything to suggest otherwise. The German first entered the […]

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by , 31st Jul 19 4:47 pm

When we saw the price Renault want you (the people) to pay in order to get behind the wheel of a Renault Megane RS our initial thought was c’est quoi ce bordel!!! I mean it’s just a bloody Megane. And don’t get me started on the crap fest that was a Megane, that still is. […]

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by , 4th Jul 19 5:14 pm

The Renault Captur… How is it so? How can it be that I can never, ever forgive Renault for the lamentable and terminally dire Laguna. It was an awful ownership experience. Blown turbo, an exercise in cost-cutting and planned obsolescence and rust. I should know I replaced the turbo and in doing so found a […]

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by , 18th Jun 19 10:59 am

Now we’re not advocating for anyone one to buy the Renault Zoe, personally speaking, I would not buy a Renault Zoe. However, there is one born every day, a sucker, a “pity the fool” who buys into the whole E-lectric car idealism. We ask where are the batteries for the Renault Zoe being sourced from? […]

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by , 17th Jan 19 11:40 am

Imprisoned Renault boss, Carlos Ghosn, may finally be sacked from his role by the French government. Bruno Le Maire, the French Finance Minister, recently called for the dismissal of the Renault CEO during a television interview with French station LCI. When Ghosn was arrested on November 19, 2018, Nissan and Mitsubishi sacked him immediately. Renault decided to use the […]

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