by , 23rd Apr 18 11:16 am

It happens time after time in Formula One and it will happen again in the future, one team always out develops the others and for a period of time, usually around 4-years, that team is totally dominant. Williams F1 was that team in the 90’s. Ferrari and and Schumacher did so in the 2000’s and now […]

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by , 27th Feb 18 6:30 pm

We don’t actually know much at all other than all teams have revealed their 2018 campaign challenges and the Halo cockpit protection device has now been fully integrated if not fully accepted.  Winter testing is notoriously difficult to get an overview of which team will have the winning package because most teams will always hide their true […]

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by , 26th Apr 17 3:48 pm

As F1 strives to make Formula One safer for all those whom compete out on track recent years has seen research devoted to driver head protection in the form of a Halo and or a shield. The FIA strongly favoured the Halo and it was trailed in tests during the 2016 season. However now F1 […]

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by , 10th Apr 17 11:45 am

The battle lines have now been firmly established after just two races into the 2017 F1 championship, this year the fight is between Ferrari vs Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel vs Lewis Hamilton. After wining the opening race of the season China was another track for Ferrari to prove that Australia was not a one off. But it […]

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by , 28th Feb 17 10:06 am

Pre-Season testing is never an accurate guide to form, which F1 team will dominate or if a number of teams will be closely matched in terms of outright performance. One thing we do know is that Mercedes easily had the strongest engine/chassis package in 2016. Therefore it is natural to assume they will once again dominate […]

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