by , 13th Aug 19 9:26 am

My Formula 1 prediction-odometer has always been wildly inaccurate. I said Red Bull Racing would give Pierre Gasly just one more race to turn around and improve his performances. But Red Bull Racing are not as forgiving as I anticipated. With immediate effect Gasly has been demoted back to Torro Rosso and replaced with Alexander […]

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by , 8th Aug 19 2:30 pm

We told you this would happen, we told you. We said at the start of the 2019 F1 campaign Red Bull Racing would shit on Pierre Gasley if his promotion to the senior squad didn’t meet the team’s high-performance targets and even loftier expectations. And to be fair to Red Bull Racing Pierre Gasly hasn’t […]

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by , 27th Nov 18 11:08 am

Red Bull, the puppet masters of Torro Rosso, have finally shafted and shifted Brendon Hartley out of Torro Rosso and therefore out of Formula One. Brendon Hartley had inadvertently become an F1 squatter. Torro Rosso vis-a-vie Red Bull wanted to get rid of the New Zealander only three races into the 2018 F1 season. Hartley was outscored […]

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by , 14th Sep 17 10:55 am

The chief F1 reporter for the BBC, Andrew Benson, reckons the breaking of a contract between Honda and McLaren could be “good for all”. He is, of course, barking mad and turning into a pit lane sycophant. Rumour has it that McLaren want to end their Honda engine deal and make a switch to Renault power. […]

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by , 18th Jul 17 11:05 am

In the world of Formula One money talks and teams are prepared to buy their way to success, the best drivers on the grid can easily command $30m per season. Max Verstappen is one such driver being primed for future world championship glory and the money is beginning to do the talking. However, he is contracted to […]

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