by , 3rd Feb 20 3:20 pm

Great news! production of the Nissan Mercedes X Class is ending in May! This day, or when the day finally arrives, will be etched into automotive history as to how a minnow destroyed a giant. Mercedes claims that the ending of the X Class production is due to cost-cutting measures. This official statement registers off the […]

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by , 15th Jan 19 11:10 am

A one-off Volkswagen Amarok designed exclusively for life in the Arctic Circle has been revealed with a raised ride height, huge all-terrain tyres – and a cappuccino maker. The unique pick-up truck, modified by off-road specialists, Arctic Trucks, is currently being put to work in Iceland as a support vehicle for winter driving experiences. The […]

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by , 20th Sep 18 11:54 am

If you know anything about the original Chevrolet Blazer then it was more of a Truck than what the 2019 reboot has become. The old Blazer was in production from 1969 to 1999 and morphed into different model variants to fit whatever vertical Chevrolet was aiming for. Traditionalists may well hark back to the rugged pickup of the […]

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by , 19th Jul 17 9:58 am

Oh Mercedes what have you done, to feed off the growing demand for pickups you entered into an alliance with Renault and Neesan. You wanted a piece of the Pickup market to boost your annual coffers and ended up with this lazy X-Class sham. It’s a Neesan Navara with a Mercedes grille and badge, I wouldn’t […]

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by , 18th Dec 16 5:09 pm

Pickup trucks are pretty indestructible beasts, so you might think they need little maintenance. Those who buy them usually do so to take advantage of their four-by-four offroad capabilities, towing capacity and general robustness. However, just because your pickup can carry 3 tonnes up a steep dirt track road, doesn’t mean you should do it […]

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