by , 13th Aug 19 11:15 am

The Lexus RCF Track Edition is something of an old dog in an ever-changing world where gasoline-powered cars will become a polluting footnote in the history of automated, mechanized transportation. But there is still life in the old dog as MotorTrend takes the RCF Track Edition to task. The Lexus RCF Track Edition performance reads, […]

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by , 11th Dec 18 3:16 pm

Let’s face it, if you want a pickup truck hen you have to go American. The American pickup truck philosophy appears to be simple. Massive. Massive vehicle with massive engine. No Eco-boost 2.0-litre nonsense. It’s good old fashion V8 power. And probably diesel. Even the recently announced Rivian Pickup truck is massive in size and massive in power. We’ll have […]

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by , 31st Oct 17 7:02 pm

An American who obviously consumes a lot of donuts sporting a Jihadi inspired beard and an old man trying to stay youthful by wearing a T-Shirt, this can only mean one thing… Journalists. Yes, Motor Trend takes on the Mercedes AMG GT-R and the Neesan GT-R Nismo. These supercars require little introduction, Motor Trend appears to like […]

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by , 4th May 17 5:16 pm

Anyone who has driven an Aston Martin will know this, when you get behind the wheel something magical happens. Sure it’s got 4 wheels, sure it’s got a steering wheel, sure it’s got a powerful 600bhp twin-turbo V12 and sure it’s got classic supercar rear wheel drive. And sure it costs a princely sum and […]

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by , 1st Mar 17 6:21 pm

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a motoring journalist then imagine driving your car to work and getting paid to do just that. For that is what motoring journalism is all about, sure you have to be exceptionally good at writing and talking concisely. Being a motoring journalist is a […]

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