by , 8th Oct 19 3:12 pm

Jacques Villeneuve gave his usual straight to the point no-nonsense opinion when asked to compare Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Villeneuve suggested that both Schumacher and Hamilton only won so many races and championship titles because they had the best car. Speaking during a recent media interview Villeneuve said: “These two drivers only won when […]

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by , 9th Jan 19 8:43 pm

In my opinion, Michael Schumacher is/was the greatest F1 driver of them all. No doubt about it. Seven world titles and 91 race victories don’t tell the whole story, statistics rarely do. Was Schumacher a cheat? Yes and no. Schumacher was certainly a determined and hard driver. He rammed into Damon Hill to win his […]

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by , 23rd Jun 15 8:15 pm

Before Michael Schumacher raced in Formula One he was a kind of racing protege for the Mercedes Motorsport division. And so Mercedes would say “Michael ze car you vill bee rrracing this veek eis eh Grrroup C Endurance rrracer, oh and you’ll be rrracing it in ze Le Mans 24 Hours”.  Michael would click his heels and do as […]

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by , 5th Jan 15 12:04 pm

On December 29 2013 Michael Schumacher was on his annual winter holiday with his family, he was skiing with his son Max descending an unsecured off-piste area in the Meribel region of the French Alps. Schumacher fell hit a cluster of rocks and sustained a head injury, despite wearing a helmet the 7 times F1 world champion suffered […]

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