by , 15th Jan 20 12:58 pm

Full HD YouTuber, Autogefuhl, asks the question of 2020, what is the best mid-sized SUV for you? The YouTuber finds out so you don’t have to. All you have to do is grab a soft drink can and a slice of pizza, sit back and relax. We’re slightly concerned about the German biased, four of […]

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by , 10th Jan 20 12:20 pm

Personally speaking, a fast SUV isn’t my cup of tea. I mean if you want a fast, sports car buy a proper sports car, like a 911. But there are those who are inclined to buck the trend and as long as the apparently fast vehicle has a fast sounding name in SUV trim, another […]

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by , 6th Jan 20 11:40 am

Makers of premium luxury rubbish cars, der BMW, experienced a bounce-back-ability in the premium luxury battle as it toppled Mercedes for sales supremacy in the USA. In the final month of 2019 BMW posted a 4 percent sales gain. BMW hasn’t topped the luxury sales charts in the U.S. since 2015. BMW revealed that it […]

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by , 22nd Dec 19 9:42 pm

Its a commonly held perception that the Chicxulub meteor that wiped out the Dinosaurs 66 million years ago did so instantaneously. However, scientific evidence reveals that the age of the dinosaur was slowly coming to an end way before the meteor exploded, due to climate and geological changes. Dinosaurs lived for 1 million years after […]

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by , 12th Dec 19 2:19 pm

Ok, ok, so you are part of the established automotive press core guaranteed to give and return a safe review. Safe enough for Mercedes PR to give you the keys to a new C CLass sedan for a week. Getting a press car from Mercedes PR is like begging for mercy. OK, so you’re full […]

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