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The electric future is happening right now and it’s happening very, very, very fast. As we say, if you are interested in buying an electric car, any electric car then go for a Tesla. Tesla has gone through the early adopter pain all for your personal gain. Tesla simply offers the best electric car products […]

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The Formula 1 season may not yet be over on paper, but it is in practice. Two races remain – one in Brazil and one in Abu Dhabi. Both of them will be dead rubbers. The construction’s championship is, yet again, in the hands of Mercedes. Even more predictably, the driver’s championship is in the […]

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No, no, no, no, NO! Carsguide didn’t ask such an errant question as posed in the headlines above. We here at DCB HQ posed the question on their behalf. To make the B Class sound more enthralling. Because let me be honest, if I was intending to buy a new Mercedes, the entry-level model of […]

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Plugin hybrids are becoming the norm these days but they are still expensive to all but those who have deep pockets. The Mercedes GLE SUV is expensive to begin with, £55k expensive for entry-level models. But what is interesting with this GLE PHEV is that Mercedes has decided to use a four-cylinder, 2.0-litre turbo diesel. […]

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As we return from our holidays we got news of yet another Mercedes AMG variant. Mercedes have updated the 2019 GLE Coupe, it’s a derivative of the GLE SUV with a coupe bodystyle look. So the bog-standard GLE gets new exterior styling updates. New front and rear bumpers, new front and rear headlights. You won’t […]

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