by , 21st Mar 20 3:58 pm

People buy cars for many reasons, but most of all they are looking for something in which they can go from one place to another in style. However, car lovers, rich or average, try to make their ride stand out from the rest as much as possible. They are interested in beautiful, one-of-a-kind vehicles that […]

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by , 18th Mar 20 2:14 pm

Do you know what Mercedes did? they ordered employees at their Van factory in Gasteiz, Spain to continue working. Despite a government emergency being declared to combat the virulent and deadly Conoravirus Pandemic. Motherfukers! When the workers turned up for their shift something unexpected happened. They organised a sit-in at the end of the production […]

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by , 3rd Mar 20 3:15 pm

The fifth-generation Mercedes E Class (W213) is now three years old and as it heads on towards the second phase of its product lifecycle it’s time for a product update. Product updates are designed to keep consumer interest… interested. To keep driving sales. Updates/facelifts are usually subtle and largely go unnoticed, but not in this […]

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by , 29th Feb 20 1:56 pm

The last day pre-season F1 testing should always be taken with a pinch of salt, and perhaps pepper for it is never a bellwether for the season ahead. Valterri Bottas took the honor of the day by setting the fastest time of all, but it was around 1 second off his own fastest overall lap […]

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by , 27th Feb 20 10:28 am

OK, so the new second-generation Mercedes GLA compact SUV has been revealed, to a rather muted fanfare, it has to be said. One first has to make commentary on the new design language. That’s a difficult area because it is so subjective. Objectively speaking, after much head-scratching, I decided to use a comparison. It looks […]

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