by , 19th Sep 19 11:13 am

No, no, no, no, NO! Carsguide didn’t ask such an errant question as posed in the headlines above. We here at DCB HQ posed the question on their behalf. To make the B Class sound more enthralling. Because let me be honest, if I was intending to buy a new Mercedes, the entry-level model of […]

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by , 13th Sep 19 8:51 pm

Plugin hybrids are becoming the norm these days but they are still expensive to all but those who have deep pockets. The Mercedes GLE SUV is expensive to begin with, £55k expensive for entry-level models. But what is interesting with this GLE PHEV is that Mercedes has decided to use a four-cylinder, 2.0-litre turbo diesel. […]

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by , 28th Aug 19 11:11 am

As we return from our holidays we got news of yet another Mercedes AMG variant. Mercedes have updated the 2019 GLE Coupe, it’s a derivative of the GLE SUV with a coupe bodystyle look. So the bog-standard GLE gets new exterior styling updates. New front and rear bumpers, new front and rear headlights. You won’t […]

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by , 22nd Jul 19 11:58 am

Don’t worry Jeremy Clarkson’s invites from Ferrari and Mercedes will not end any time soon after he told both to fuck off. Both corporations will laugh it off and give Clarkson a thumbs up, nudge-nudge, wink-wink and share a drink. Clarkson has too much of a high profile for Mercedes and Ferrari to turn their […]

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by , 17th Jul 19 4:43 pm

We like to think we have influence within the automotive world. The reality is this influence fantasy we assume we have is indeed just a fantasy. But our dreams have come true after Daimler Benz, the parent company of Mercedes, announced it is ending the production of the Nissan Mercedes X Class. Rejoice, hallelujah, praise […]

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