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Don’t worry Jeremy Clarkson’s invites from Ferrari and Mercedes will not end any time soon after he told both to fuck off. Both corporations will laugh it off and give Clarkson a thumbs up, nudge-nudge, wink-wink and share a drink. Clarkson has too much of a high profile for Mercedes and Ferrari to turn their […]

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by , 17th Jul 19 4:43 pm

We like to think we have influence within the automotive world. The reality is this influence fantasy we assume we have is indeed just a fantasy. But our dreams have come true after Daimler Benz, the parent company of Mercedes, announced it is ending the production of the Nissan Mercedes X Class. Rejoice, hallelujah, praise […]

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Scuderia Ferrari has produced a very fast car in the SF90. However Mercedes has produced an even faster car and in the hands of Lewis Hamilton, the W10 is prodigiously fast as demonstrated at the French Grand Prix. Hamilton unintentionally made his teammate Valtteri Bottas look out of his depth by claiming victory with an […]

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Canada, 2019 six races into the 2019 F1 championship with six victories and four double podiums thus far, all is not well at Mercedes F1. At the Canadian Grand Prix Mercedes introduced an upgraded power unit. However, winning the Grand Prix wasn’t as easy as it appeared. Customer team, Racing Point, was the first to […]

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We don’t know who is more in the wrong here, the looking-for-justice-biker or the Millwall FC supporting driver of the Mercedes A Class. What this video demonstrates is a growing divide between Brexit Britain and… Biking Britain. Brexiteers exhibit the same characteristics, whether they are from the North of England or the South, East or […]

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