by , 5th Nov 18 9:15 am

McLaren has confirmed it will build the track-only Senna GTR, limited to 75 examples and priced at £1.1 million. The Senna GTR is an even more extreme version of the road-legal McLaren Senna. The development prototypes that begin testing this month will initially use modified Senna road car bodywork. The final Senna GTR shape – shown […]

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by , 26th Oct 18 10:51 pm

It looks as though it was designed in the 1960’s, perhaps this is how designers of the 1960s envisaged the future. But this is how McLaren envisage the future of motoring. It’s 2018 and this is the McLaren Speedtail. I didn’t have to read the press release to realize that it’s been designed using a […]

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by , 17th Aug 18 10:12 am

OK, so my prediction that Fernando Alonso would make a sensational switch to Red Bull for 2019 was one of the wildest predictions ever to be wrong, but we like thinking outside the box. However, McLaren didn’t wait too long to replace Fernando Alonso with compatriot Carlos Sainz, former Red Bull protege and teammate to Max […]

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by , 14th Aug 18 11:05 am

If the rumors of Fernando Alonso are correct, then Red Bull may well have just signed the Spaniard on a two-year contract. If true then it would be an about-face considering the levels of criticism Alonso threw at Honda when the engine manufacturer failed to deliver during its return to McLaren. Honda’s return to McLaren ended with […]

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by , 24th Jul 18 12:34 pm

When you’ve won a cool couple of million dollars, you’ll be in a position to make all those fantasies you’ve been dreaming about come true. One just might be getting behind the wheels of your dream supercar. But which one? There are certain cars that stand out as obvious choices for lottery winners, even with […]

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