by , 15th Jan 19 2:42 pm

The FIA, governing authority of Formula One, wanted to make an example of Max Verstappen after he was given a penalty for shoving Esteban Ocon at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix. Verstappen’s punishment was to carry out a community service order. Cleaning the streets? picking up litter? saving the whales? voluntary work? the latter is […]

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by , 12th Nov 18 3:21 pm

This was an odd incident. Verstappen had the opportunity to avoid a collision. Esteban Ocon had the opportunity to avoid a collision. The end result was a collision between the Force India and the Red Bull. For his part, Ocon was trying to unlap himself. For his part, Verstappen was firmly in the lead. The Brazilian Grand Prix was an […]

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by , 4th Jun 18 4:16 pm

Last week Red Bull F1 motorsport advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko, delivered a rather public savaging – expressed in the politest of terms – about Brendon Hartley describing his performance for Red Bull B-Team, Torro Rosso, as “not pleasing”. Hartley, a two times World Endurance champion, was parachuted into the sport at the last minute to […]

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by , 20th Nov 17 8:29 pm

Formula 1 racing has experienced a relative lack of drama in the last few years because of the total dominance by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. There’s always a little bit of drama between drivers (or between drivers and their own teams), and any individual race can develop into a drama. That, after all, is why […]

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by , 18th Jul 17 11:05 am

In the world of Formula One money talks and teams are prepared to buy their way to success, the best drivers on the grid can easily command $30m per season. Max Verstappen is one such driver being primed for future world championship glory and the money is beginning to do the talking. However, he is contracted to […]

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