by , 13th Aug 19 11:15 am

The Lexus RCF Track Edition is something of an old dog in an ever-changing world where gasoline-powered cars will become a polluting footnote in the history of automated, mechanized transportation. But there is still life in the old dog as MotorTrend takes the RCF Track Edition to task. The Lexus RCF Track Edition performance reads, […]

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by , 5th Dec 18 11:18 am

So, you want to experience the life of luxury when commuting to work every morning? As you leave for the office every morning, you want your seat to massage you down the highway, you want the oak veneer dash to shine, and you want the latest Bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite tunes with perfect […]

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by , 17th Oct 18 8:35 pm

The updated Lexus RC will land on UK shores from November 1. First released in 2014 the Lexus RC Coupe is undergoing a mid-life design update for 2019. Typically such updates pertain to the headlights, front & rear bumpers and interior upgrades. The entry-level model will start from £38k. Available in four trim levels the entry-level Lexus […]

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by , 12th Sep 18 6:15 pm

The amount of technology that goes into a modern, 21st-century car is beyond anything imagined even 5 years ago. The product planners may have had it mind, but us mere car buying mortals didn’t. Consider the various driving assist technologies such as lane or steering assist. Braking assist. Touchscreen infotainment systems, wireless charging. Technologies that were […]

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by , 1st May 18 10:26 am

The original LS cost just over £36k when it was first launched in 1990, back then it out-Merc-ed the S Class. Jump forward to 2018 and the LS has evolved, hybrid technology, active senors, and touchscreen infotainment systems, digital technology. The base Lexus costs $85k various optional extras boosts the price up to that $120k marker. […]

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