by , 11th Jan 19 11:31 am

How do you improve on the Lamborghini Huracan? It looks stealthily fantastic inside and out. What more can you do? Turns out Lamborghini can do more. Every modern day car goes through a “mid-cycle refresh” or “facelift”. Technically speaking that means… more sales, more sales, more sales. Predominantly a mid-cycle facelift concentrates on exterior styling, interior […]

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by , 4th Jan 19 10:39 am

It’s been some time since we visited Lord Aleem and his supercar YouTube channel. His father owns a luxury car hire business which means that Lord Aleem gets to drive some hefty and very powerful cars. And they come no more powerful than the LamBROghini Aventador SVJ. The Aventador SVJ is a V12 powered, 759bhp spaceship. You […]

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by , 16th Nov 18 11:09 am

If you do not live in the UK and are wondering “what is a Tunbridge Wells?” then here is the answer. It’s a small town located in the South East region of England. The town is, by and large, picturesque, with a population of 118k. Nothing much happens in Tunbridge Wells, it’s a sleepy town where […]

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by , 8th Nov 18 3:33 pm

Owning a luxury car can turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. Fortunately, you can easily rent one for that business meeting where you want to make an impression. You might also be in need from a big SUV for a family road trip so that you can all travel in style […]

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by , 2nd Oct 18 8:05 pm

Armed with nothing more than a handheld selfie camera and his personality MoVlogs has raced to over 6m YouTube subs. To one generation that doesn’t make any sense. To another generation, YouTube personalities are like movie stars. MoVlogs tests out non-other than the LamBROghini Urus SUV. Mo isn’t the most in-depth reviewer and that’s fine by us. […]

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