by , 6th Jun 19 11:53 am

The inner child in me says YES! to the Huracan based Lamborghini Sterrato Concept off-roader. But the growing cynic on my shoulder says.. WTF!? I think this is so outrageous it actually appears to be more like a questionable looking pantomime than the usual drama filled Lamborghini. The Huracan exterior has been re-worked. Wider fenders, […]

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by , 4th Apr 19 11:16 am

No, Lamborghini is categorically not developing a pickup truck. But someone thought it would be a good idea and so decided to spend many hours on Photoshop to convince the world that a Lamborghini Pickup truck is a waste of time. Automotive digital artist, Rain Prisk, made the headlines with his rendering of a Lamborghini […]

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by , 27th Mar 19 10:49 am

Poor Lamborghini Huracan Performante… we mourn you. OK, so this is the video everyone is talking about, liking, commenting upon, meme-making etc. The location is somewhere in jerk-water London, England and the battle is between two Lamborghinis and a moron behind the wheel. It’s a battle of acceleration, two studs against… well no one actually […]

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by , 11th Jan 19 11:31 am

How do you improve on the Lamborghini Huracan? It looks stealthily fantastic inside and out. What more can you do? Turns out Lamborghini can do more. Every modern day car goes through a “mid-cycle refresh” or “facelift”. Technically speaking that means… more sales, more sales, more sales. Predominantly a mid-cycle facelift concentrates on exterior styling, interior […]

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by , 4th Jan 19 10:39 am

It’s been some time since we visited Lord Aleem and his supercar YouTube channel. His father owns a luxury car hire business which means that Lord Aleem gets to drive some hefty and very powerful cars. And they come no more powerful than the LamBROghini Aventador SVJ. The Aventador SVJ is a V12 powered, 759bhp spaceship. You […]

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