by , 25th Apr 17 11:05 am

Remember Khyzyl Saleem? Let us remind you, he is a concept artist working within the games industry for EA, Ghost Games. In his spare time he likes to further hone his artistic skills by causally conceptualising yet another outlandish car inspired concept. This time Khyzyl has set his sights on the La Ferrari and this concept has […]

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by , 21st Mar 17 12:50 pm

Ferrari release a brand new hypercar every 10 years that is their hypercar production life-cycle philosophy. However there has been a lot of speculation about the firm’s current Hypercar, the Ferrari La Ferrari which began it’s limited production run in 2013. So it’s safe too assume there is still around six year to go before […]

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by , 7th Nov 16 12:03 pm

David Lee, a successful retailer of luxury goods, has been so successful he is able to buy what is perhaps the ultimate Ferrari Collection. The roll-call of what is today refered to as hypercars reads 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, 1990 F40, 1995 F50, 2003 Enzo and 2014 LaFerrari. OK so this YouTube clip is a shameless […]

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by , 15th Aug 16 8:35 pm

Watch and learn Hypercar selling specialists, this video is a demonstration on how you should be promoting your dealership stock of mouth watering cars designed to exceed engineering limitations and surpass them. The line up is worth millions, the stars are familiar and require no introduction. The role call reads Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1, Porsche […]

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by , 10th Feb 16 12:13 pm

Now we’re not a extra-terrestrial sales platform for a long forgotten race of aliens that crashed landed onto the Earth 1m years ago. DCB Towers really isn’t that advanced after all our three daily regular readers will attest to that. But this news item caught our attention. Crashed supercar’s are nothing new unfortunately the super rich, super-idiots […]

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