by , 25th Mar 20 9:39 am

Lamborghini’s days as a manufacturer of supercars are over. The Urus SUV has proved to be a winning formula for the once cash strapped company. Demand for the Urus increased worldwide sales during the company’s fiscal year 2019-2020 by 43 percent. How the coronavirus will impact fiscal year 2020-2021 is really a moot point in […]

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by , 23rd Apr 18 9:48 am

Hi name is Jake Paul, he makes YouTube videos about his aimless life and he has 14m subscribers. This forces him to make even more videos about his aimless life. Afterall 14m subs cannot be wrong, so what do you do to keep this base entertained? Make fake videos about turning your Lambroghini Huracan into […]

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by , 3rd Nov 16 4:16 pm

Never heard of Sam and Stina Hübinette before? Nope neither have we, apparently both are stunt drivers who hail from Sweden and both were drafted in too show off their their stunt driving skills in a Lamborghini Huracan by way of special invite courtesy of Lamborghini Newport Beach, US of A. Why, for what purpose? To promote the […]

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by , 15th Apr 16 4:51 pm

You have probably never heard of Tony Quinn. Don’t worry neither have we and you know what we’re not even going to do any basic research to fill more column spaces just to get a good ‘Yoast score’. You know what were talking about WordPress users. And you know what else, we have never even heard of the Targa Tasmania […]

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by , 8th Jan 16 12:51 pm

When you are a hot blooded Lamborghini owning male who has to get to that important appointment at the hair saloon in Beverly Hills then nothing is going stand in your way. Not even El Nino will and definitely not a partially submerged street. Your only option is to use your low slung Lamborghini Huracan […]

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