by , 8th Oct 19 3:12 pm

Jacques Villeneuve gave his usual straight to the point no-nonsense opinion when asked to compare Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Villeneuve suggested that both Schumacher and Hamilton only won so many races and championship titles because they had the best car. Speaking during a recent media interview Villeneuve said: “These two drivers only won when […]

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by , 20th Sep 19 2:21 pm

A sporting career is shortlived, shorter for some than it is for others. In Formula One, it can be even shorter for the spotlight shines intensely if you perform and gets even hotter if you don’t. The latter applies to Nico Hulkenburg, but he hasn’t done anything to suggest otherwise. The German first entered the […]

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by , 21st May 19 11:11 am

Niki Lauda the former three times F1 world drivers champion has passed away after fighting a year of illness. The Austrian won his first drivers title with Ferrari in 1975. The 1976 season was looking all but secured for Ferrari and Lauda. However, during the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring, Lauda suffered a severe crash […]

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by , 10th Apr 19 4:19 pm

That is the question no one is prepared to ask because you don’t want to upset Ferrari or the Schumacher family. Both are considered to be F1 royalty, especially Mick Schumacher who is the son of Michael Schumacher. And that begs another question, does Mick Schumacher’s name open doors more easily than it would otherwise […]

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by , 14th Mar 19 2:35 pm

Formula One has experienced the sudden and unexpected death of Charlie Whiting, one of the key figures in the sport. Whiting, the F1 Race Director, died on Thursday morning in Melbourne, Australia, three days before the 2019 season-opening Australian Grand Prix. He was 66 years old. Whiting’s F1 career began in the 1970s, by 1981 […]

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