by , 5th Dec 19 11:22 am

Ford is marching on as strong as ever as it continues to dazzle the car buying world with its dreary range of SUVs. And it gets no more dreary than the all-new Ford Kuga which is set to make its UK debut in early 2020. The First Edition model will kick off the sales marketing […]

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by , 3rd Dec 19 1:31 pm

The majority of us have all had that one car that is just so unreliable. If not, then you have probably been privileged enough to go straight into buying a new car or perhaps securing a finance deal. If you have, then you will never have experienced the torment that a car can bring you, […]

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by , 19th Nov 19 11:19 am

So… the Ford Mustang Mach-E is no Mustang it’s a pure electric SUV. Personally, I would normally consider not buying a Ford… any Ford. And I would not buy a pure electric Ford. An electric Ford vehicle is akin to taking paracetamol in that it will stop you from having aches and pains but the […]

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by , 29th Oct 19 10:21 am

The Ford Flex an odd-looking, odd sounding vehicle. It’s an SUV/Van crossover. Prime markets are in the United States, Canada and in the Middle East. The Flex is based on a vehicular platform dating back to 2004. But that’s not the main issue. The main issue is that not many people bought into the idea of owning a […]

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by , 19th May 19 5:12 pm

Ford Motor Company was the last car company to set up shop in the US and survive for more than a decade (except for Tesla). Dozens of other car companies have failed in that time, unable to break into a brutal and entrenched market. But even Ford can see the clouds on the horizon, and […]

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