by , 22nd May 20 11:16 am

Ferrari has just raised $713 million USD through a bond issue to boost immediate liquidity. Unlike many automakers Ferrari has not yet felt the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic. During the first quarter of 2020 deliveries rose by 4.9 percent. However net revenues declined by 0.8 percent due to lower sponsorship income from its […]

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by , 7th May 20 1:10 pm

Computer games are being taken more seriously in a whole range of sports. However, it is in F1 that Esports come to the fore, with Ferrari taking an active interest in the Esports world, taking down the F1 Esports title in 2019, and many of the up and coming drivers cutting their teeth in Esports simulators before being unleashed […]

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by , 5th Mar 20 10:02 am

OK, so the FIA, the governing body of Formula 1, is not rebranding as – Fraud Is Acceptable. However, by their very own statements, they may as well devolve into fraudulent practices after rubber-stamping Ferrarri’s cheating and then effectively saying there is nothing to see. It all started in the second half of the 2019 […]

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by , 29th Feb 20 1:56 pm

The last day pre-season F1 testing should always be taken with a pinch of salt, and perhaps pepper for it is never a bellwether for the season ahead. Valterri Bottas took the honor of the day by setting the fastest time of all, but it was around 1 second off his own fastest overall lap […]

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by , 23rd Jan 20 11:07 am

Scuderia Ferrari raised the suspicions of rival F1 teams during the 2019 campaign of sudden and mysterious PU (power unit) gains. Ferrari’s performance was lackluster during the early part of the 2019 season. After the mid-point break, they came back with mysterious engine performance gains. In modern-day F1 it is very rare to find such […]

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