by , 14th Jan 19 11:03 am

Driving sideways is a Chris Harris specialty. It’s a great skill to control a car as it gets sideways, the feeling is one of elation. Take the Mercedes Benz W124, the rear wheel drive Merc was easy to get sideways in damp/wet conditions. It made you feel like a rally driver. But driving sideways isn’t […]

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by , 9th Jan 19 8:43 pm

In my opinion, Michael Schumacher is/was the greatest F1 driver of them all. No doubt about it. Seven world titles and 91 race victories don’t tell the whole story, statistics rarely do. Was Schumacher a cheat? Yes and no. Schumacher was certainly a determined and hard driver. He rammed into Damon Hill to win his […]

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by , 5th Jan 19 10:37 am

Roaming the halls at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, my iPhone beeped – message incoming. A casual glance revealed that the sender was none other than the head of PR for Ferrari. He asked if I would care to join him on their stand for a chat. Resisting the temptation to run, I hastily […]

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by , 13th Nov 18 10:34 am

Doug De Muro reviews a used Ferrari F12. New it would have cost over $400k. The pre-owned, 2015 example is borrowed from a San Deigo supercar dealership. It still costs over $200k, according to De Muro that’s cheap. And he is probably correct. At some point, the Ferrari F12 and it’s 6.3-litre V12 735bhp supercar will […]

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by , 23rd Oct 18 2:44 pm

Going back to the future happens in the movies right? Wrong. Not if you are Ares Design. The coachbuilder from Italy is finally showing off its latest retro-inspired creation. using the Ferrari 412 as a muse Ares Design deconstructed a GTC4Lusso and handcrafted this as yet unnamed… something. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a 2+2 Grand Tourer, blessed with […]

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