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This is the Mansory 812 Superfast. Mansory specializes in modifying and customizing luxury cars and supercars. They are the rock and roll artists of the automotive modification industry. The roll call of modified Mansory vehicles is a list as long a database spreadsheet. But each vehicle is styled in typical “look at me” Mansory fashion. […]

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Don’t worry Jeremy Clarkson’s invites from Ferrari and Mercedes will not end any time soon after he told both to fuck off. Both corporations will laugh it off and give Clarkson a thumbs up, nudge-nudge, wink-wink and share a drink. Clarkson has too much of a high profile for Mercedes and Ferrari to turn their […]

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It’s difficult to say if Vettel is a fading star. If we use the 2019 season as evidence, thus far Sebastian Vettel has appeared to be a shadow of the Sebastian Vettel of previous campaigns. Part of that is to do with the SF90. It appears that the 2019 car struggles to generate enough heat […]

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I can not think of any plugin hybrid electric supercars but I can now because Ferrari has just revealed the SF90 Stradale. But it isn’t a mere supercar for it is a plugin hybrid hypercar, the most powerful Ferrari ever road car to date. The SF90 Stradale is more Powerful even than the £1m LaFerrari […]

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How much do F1 drivers earn? That is the question. Lewis Hamilton is at the top of the F1 drivers earning peak. Hamilton commands a reputed $57m per year. Vettel is the second highest earning driver who commands a reputed $45m. And Ferrari can easily afford it. Daniel Ricciardo’s move from Red Bull to Renault […]

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