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Doug De Muro reviews a used Ferrari F12. New it would have cost over $400k. The pre-owned, 2015 example is borrowed from a San Deigo supercar dealership. It still costs over $200k, according to De Muro that’s cheap. And he is probably correct. At some point, the Ferrari F12 and it’s 6.3-litre V12 735bhp supercar will […]

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by , 23rd Oct 18 2:44 pm

Going back to the future happens in the movies right? Wrong. Not if you are Ares Design. The coachbuilder from Italy is finally showing off its latest retro-inspired creation. using the Ferrari 412 as a muse Ares Design deconstructed a GTC4Lusso and handcrafted this as yet unnamed… something. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a 2+2 Grand Tourer, blessed with […]

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by , 16th Oct 18 3:03 pm

Time means progress and progress means evolution. However, Felipe Massa believes that the current V6 Hybrid engines are way more powerful than the V8 era engines ever were. The former Ferrari and Williams driver retired from F1 in 2017, the Brazilian has experience of both engine formulas. He was speaking after a demonstration run at […]

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by , 28th Sep 18 10:07 am

Dear Sebastian Vettel, it is a mistake to reveal your personal weakness during the heat of an F1 campaign. When you admitted to being your own “biggest enemy” you gave Lewis Hamilton the psychological edge. Admitting to such a thing makes for good editorial copy and many F1 outlets picked up the quote and ran with […]

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by , 18th Sep 18 10:15 pm

Ferrari has unveiled the SP1 and SP2 the first in a line of special ultra limited edition models. Both the Ferrari SP1 and Sp2 draw inspiration from the 1950’s motor racing era. That said, it’s unusual for Ferrari to chose a retro design language. Ferrari is a forward thinking company so to choose this particular retro style in an […]

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