by , 18th Sep 19 2:23 pm

A petrol or hybrid car, the choices are escalating. The automotive industry has experienced many changes in the past decade, which have filtered down to customers. A rising awareness of environmental issues has led motoring towards more eco-friendly vehicles. The biggest names in the car manufacturing sector now feature electric or hybrid options in their […]

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by , 12th Sep 19 3:04 pm

The Tesla Model 3 has become the first electric car to be ranked as one of the top-selling cars in the UK albeit for the month of August. That’s quite an achievement when you consider the take-up and sales of electric cars is still comparatively small compared to the dominant fossil-fueled cars. Tesla sold 2,082 […]

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by , 10th Jun 19 4:42 pm

It seems the days of rowdy sober Americans gathering around an open fire in the country hills, eating freshly hunted roasted deer will soon be replaced by vegan eating hippies with guitars measuring the health local bird population. That contradictory vision of America doesn’t exist as of yet. What is, or rather what will be […]

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by , 5th Mar 19 11:14 am

If ever there was a car that celebrated the founder of the legendary design studio Pininfarina then the Battista is such a vehicle to do so. The Pininfarina Battista is named after the founder of Italy’s world renowned automotive design studio. From it’s inception in 1930 Pininfarina specialised in automotive design and coachbuilding. Kind of […]

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by , 8th Jan 19 7:31 pm

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant and drive more sales Mini will be introducing a fully electric version of the Mini Hatch. According to industry rumors, Mini will focus on performance to sway potentially interested customers and or “fence-sitters”. Mini will not be developing a specific EV powertrain for the existing UKL 1 Platform, upon which the […]

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