by , 10th May 20 6:59 pm

A bitter spat has developed between the conspiracy theorist billionaire owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, and the state of California. Musk is incandescent with discontent at Californian state officials for ordering Tesla to remain closed during the Covid-19 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the U.S. hard and without mercy. The state of California ordered […]

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by , 1st May 20 3:39 pm

Elon Musk spent his early years growing up in South Africa, surrounded by a lavish lifestyle afforded to him by a wealthy mine owning father. Fast forward to 2020 and Musk is a multi-billionaire on his own terms. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is causing consternation for Musk who has been forced to suspend Tesla production […]

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by , 18th Mar 20 11:30 am

Although electric vehicles have existed for over a century, popularity has certainly spiked more recently. 2019’s Frankfurt Motor Show showcased a range of plug-in automobiles and prototypes, introducing Volkswagen’s latest electric addition — the ID 3, which can drive over 300 miles on a 15-minute charge, and Seat’s Cupra Tavascan. Here, we’ll take a look […]

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by , 11th Mar 20 2:50 pm

So what is Tesla doing in 2020? According to YouTube channel FutureLab, quite a darn lot. From Robo Taxi to the Cyber Truck Tesla is changing and leading the automotive landscape. And it’s all the brainchild of Elon Musk. Musk, the multi-tasking, multi-billionaire who likes nothing other than a giant spliff to smoke at the […]

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by , 24th Jan 20 12:05 pm

We really like the Tesla Cybertruck, yes it divides opinions, and no we are not shilling for Tesla. And no we are not being positive because it’s “positive day” here at DCB HQ we are just liking what Tesla is doing. And no we’re not hoping Tesla calls us to attend an exclusive preview. That […]

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