by , 11th Sep 19 2:21 pm

Honda has provided the first official pricing information for the Honda e electric vehicle. Recommended prices for Honda e will start from £26,160 for the 100kW version, rising to £28,660 for the “Advance” grade that includes further specification and a motor output increased to 113kW. The car will also be available on finance and start […]

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by , 25th Jan 19 11:43 am

It seems the 200 employees working on the Apple electric car will have to invent their own personalized autonomous technology to find their way back home and a new job. Apple has been working on Project Titan for a number of years. However, the primordial gods were against the project from the start. This isn’t the first […]

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by , 7th Jan 19 10:28 am

This is the Kia Optima. And yes it may look like a Kia Optima but hell no this is not an ordinary Kia Optima. It’s the Optima Sportswagon PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). The 2019 year spec model has been given a mid-cycle refresh. Common practice in the motoring industry to keep potential buyers interested. […]

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by , 5th Sep 18 9:51 am

Even before we start there is already a problem with all-new all-electric Mercedes EQC. It is a crossover, so it’s a car/estate/possibly SUV all in 1. That’s another debate away, and personally speaking, I would not buy into the first generation of electric cars, but again that is another debate away. The Mercedes EQC is […]

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by , 12th Jan 18 6:49 pm

Remember Henrik Fisker, former Aston Martin designer, founder of defunct Fisker Automotive? Well, he is back, 14 months after relaunching his electric car dream, in its latest guise, Fisker Inc, the new company revealed its first product at the CES 2018 show. The EMotion is a luxury 4-seater electric car with a range of 400 […]

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