by , 30th Sep 19 3:33 pm

The award-winning Look-a-like feature is BACK! and for a short time only. This time its the Bollinger B1 vs the all-Top Gear made Hammerhead Eagle iThrust. One is an electric SUV years in the making, the other is an electric… something… a few weeks in the making. One will use a state of the art […]

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by , 11th Sep 19 2:21 pm

Honda has provided the first official pricing information for the Honda e electric vehicle. Recommended prices for Honda e will start from £26,160 for the 100kW version, rising to £28,660 for the “Advance” grade that includes further specification and a motor output increased to 113kW. The car will also be available on finance and start […]

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by , 25th Jan 19 11:43 am

It seems the 200 employees working on the Apple electric car will have to invent their own personalized autonomous technology to find their way back home and a new job. Apple has been working on Project Titan for a number of years. However, the primordial gods were against the project from the start. This isn’t the first […]

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by , 7th Jan 19 10:28 am

This is the Kia Optima. And yes it may look like a Kia Optima but hell no this is not an ordinary Kia Optima. It’s the Optima Sportswagon PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). The 2019 year spec model has been given a mid-cycle refresh. Common practice in the motoring industry to keep potential buyers interested. […]

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by , 5th Sep 18 9:51 am

Even before we start there is already a problem with all-new all-electric Mercedes EQC. It is a crossover, so it’s a car/estate/possibly SUV all in 1. That’s another debate away, and personally speaking, I would not buy into the first generation of electric cars, but again that is another debate away. The Mercedes EQC is […]

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