by , 26th Nov 19 11:51 am

As part of our drive to become more responsible and highly regard motoring journalists we are featuring yet another Land Rover. For us, Land Rover, in general, is the enemy, a PTSD inducing enemy. But to end wars you have to talk with the enemy, to find common ground. That will never happen so the […]

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by , 23rd Oct 19 11:59 am

You know the old Land Rover Defender wasn’t great, it wasn’t the personification of gentrification, it wasn’t that great a drive, it wasn’t well built and the interior ergonomics was flawed as hell and felt somewhat rudimentary among 21st Century rivals. Reliability? What reliability. But you know what it had? Let me put it this […]

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by , 15th Oct 19 1:00 pm

G’day drongos, Aussie dag YouTuber questions whether the new gentrified Land Rover Defender is just overhyped or a bona fide replacement for the old land Rover Defender. It kind of is and it kind of isn’t. However 4xoverland kind of doesn’t and kind of does like the new Defender. The Aussie dag YouTuber is a […]

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by , 2nd May 19 1:15 pm

We’ve all been on a holiday here at DCB Towers but damn it we still keep up with the news. And the news that Land Rover will build the next generation Defender in Slovakia had me choking on my Avocado on toast. Choking with joy. I could barely touch the muesli as I roared with […]

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by , 2nd Feb 16 4:59 pm

It isn’t the end of Kahn Design but as you may well know it is the end of the Land Rover Defender. And how Land Rover used it’s PR guns to get across the message for it’s most iconic model. The blaze of publicity lasted for nearly 12 months before the Defender was discontinued early this year. And […]

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