by , 21st Nov 18 10:12 am

MKBHD the superstar YouTube tech nerd reviewer has crashed his Tesla Model S. Or, as MKBHD called it, Apollo. The crash happened at slow speed during rush hour traffic. He reveals he was minding his own business when a truck suddenly turned into him. The YouTuber believes the truck driver didn’t notice him because of […]

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by , 19th Sep 18 5:43 pm

We stopped showing horror car crashes because it gave us nightmares and we found the associated voyeurism rather too sadistic for our tastes. However, after much thought, we decided to show the unfortunate viral video of the week. Valentina Tomasello. That’s all we have to say. The crash occurred at the Sunix Track in the Dominican Republic. two cars side-by-side […]

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by , 2nd Jan 18 10:06 am

As the new year begins, (which to us here at DCB Towers is just another day, just another month) we look back at 2017, primarily because we can’t afford the distribution rights to feature the recent Audi R8 crash in Huddersfield, UK. Instead, we have to make do with a crash from May, 2017. The […]

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by , 11th Dec 17 3:07 pm

Actually, we created the above headline for comedic effect, Richard Hammond, one part of the holy trinity that forms the Grand Tour, talks about crashing the £1m Rimac Concept One Electric Hypercar. Only eight Rimac Conept One’s were ever built, now only seven remain. The Concept One is a £1m 1,073hp hypercar, Hammond destroyed his loaned unit […]

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by , 18th Aug 17 12:48 pm

OK, so we said we would never again feature a post on Nurburgring, as you know the track is open to the fee-paying public. What happens when you mix amateur drivers with a proper race/road track? Your guess is as good as mine. We only featured this video because it was filmed in super smooth […]

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