by , 17th Mar 20 12:23 pm

Of course, there are a number of benefits that come hand in hand with buying a brand new vehicle. You’re the first owner. It arrives with no damage and no miles. You can choose exactly what model, colour and add ons you want. But when it comes down to it, there are a number of […]

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by , 11th Mar 20 11:44 am

For those of us who are on any kind of budget, it’s important that our cars last as long as possible. Maintaining a vehicle is a point of pride for a lot of people. With a little knowledge and effort, it’s something that’s actually pretty easy for all of us to achieve. We’re going to […]

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by , 17th Feb 20 12:03 pm

When you need to purchase a new car to replace your old one – perhaps because it is no longer economically possible to keep it on the road – it is tempting to buy a new one outright or to arrange some financing to help you spread the cost of a showroom model. However, this […]

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by , 11th Feb 20 3:04 pm

Not many people can afford to buy a new car after a few years. However, there are old cars that look old but have a second chance at life. Most of us don’t need to feel discouraged and sad when after several years of driving a few fixes can make your old car feel new […]

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by , 6th Feb 20 9:19 pm

Buying a new car? then read on. If you need a new car, but you’re not in a position to purchase a brand new one, then you might be considering buying a second-hand vehicle instead. Believe it or not, sometimes second-hand cars can be great purchases, depending on their age, mileage and how they’ve been […]

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