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Most Americans spend a significant part of their lives in their cars. While a commute down the highway may seem like a mundane affair, accidents can happen all the time. It’s best to be prepared and understand what you should do as your next course of action. It’s never too early to contact an attorney after […]

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by , 30th Nov 19 6:12 pm

Are you in the market for a new car? Whether you’re purchasing your first car or are ready to upgrade from your current one, car shopping is a time filled with excitement and opportunity. However, there is one major question that you’ll need to ask yourself before you even begin your car-shopping process. Are you […]

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by , 27th Nov 19 8:07 pm

Passing your driving test is such a relief and one you’ve likely been working towards for some time now. Some of us manage to pass the first time, and some need a few more tries. Neither makes us a worse or better driver because driving on the road comes with its own challenges when you’ve […]

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Car leasing can trace its origins to the 1700’s in the USA where horses and wagons began being leased, followed by barges and locomotives in the late 1800’s. In the early 1900’s, Singer began leasing sewing machines which laid the foundations for the product we know today. Despite rental car businesses growing drastically from the […]

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Cars are the second most expensive purchases that people make. Taking an extended car loan might seem like a good idea, but it is quite prudent that you carefully examine the deal to make sure you are doing the right thing. While these financing options can be suitable depending on your financial situation, you need […]

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