by , 7th Jun 19 2:09 pm

As our reputation declines at a staggering rate (we never had a reputation) we the Daily Car Blog do have some measure of success to report. Our audience share has grown. Carwow joins the dog, next door neighbors cat, and Jezz Bezos as our 4 regular, daily visitors. And because Carwow has a significantly better […]

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by , 21st May 19 3:57 pm

Great news, we now have four daily readers to this site. The dog, next door neighbor’s cat, Jeff Bezos and now Carwow. We’re rollin’ in the popularity stakes, top quality car blog. Mi casa es su casa. Our respectability is on the rise, an unstoppable march into… something-ness… AHEM! We, are like pirates, raiding and […]

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by , 8th May 19 3:03 pm

Motorshows are not too dissimilar to an annular lunar eclipse. They happen once a year and can be experienced in locations from across the world. The Shanghai Motorshow lunar eclipse has come and gone and we review the main players. Well… actually, Carwow went to the expense of traveling to Shanghai, staying in a hotel, […]

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by , 12th Mar 19 11:33 am

Geneva 2019. The Geneva Motorshow press day has come and that means a roundup of the best of Geneva what has been. Carwow takes a look at all the best new cars you can expect to probably buy in 2020-2021. The highlight of the video is when Carwow presenter is rejected from the Ferrari stand. […]

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by , 5th Mar 19 1:11 pm

What is the best hot hatch of 2019, Carwow goes to the expense of doing so, so we don’t have to. After all running a YouTube channel is costly. Nevertheless, we don’t get why Carwow compares compact hot hatches with mid-size hot hatches? WTF? So Carwow’s recommendations range from the VW UP! Skoda Fabia VRS all […]

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