by , 3rd Sep 19 10:55 am

Our internet trolling of Mat Watson and Carwow is at an end. We are determined to pirouette into a serious car publishing blog type-thing. After all Jeff Bezos, the dog and next door neighbours cat, (and Carwow) our daily readership, deserves better. This time out Mat Watson is reviewing the Jeep Wrangler, we think it’s […]

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by , 9th Aug 19 10:52 am

After discovering his popularity within the motoring journalist community was as real a flying pig, Mat Watson decided to leave it all behind and mysteriously disappeared. He was later found living out of the back of his Audi RS4, in the Surrey slums of Virginia Water doing his best Florence Thompson impression. The now jobless […]

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by , 30th Jul 19 12:50 pm

Legal Disclaimer: We’d just like to point out Mat Watson hasn’t fled Carwow on a scooter. And Mat Watson does not take any medicinal cannabis. The headline was generated by our AI-driven headline generator algorithm in a bid to stop click-bait and or fake news. We use advanced technology here at the Daily Car Blog. […]

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by , 15th Jul 19 3:16 pm

And constipation is what we got every time we dealt with the Hyundai UK PR department. Thankfully we no longer deal with the duplicitous professionals. That means suffering the effects of severe Hyundai UK PR induced constipation duties are now the sole responsibility of Carwow’s Mat Watson. Objectively speaking the Hyundai Santa Fe is a […]

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by , 7th Jun 19 2:09 pm

As our reputation declines at a staggering rate (we never had a reputation) we the Daily Car Blog do have some measure of success to report. Our audience share has grown. Carwow joins the dog, next door neighbors cat, and Jezz Bezos as our 4 regular, daily visitors. And because Carwow has a significantly better […]

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